Thursday, June 28, 2012

2 months!

Parker is little Miss Personality at 2 months!  She knows what she wants and she better get it...or else.  She has found her sweet little hands and loves to try to grab things, she smiles, and she sticks out her bottom lip before a big cry.  Parker loves to stand-up (assisted of course), go to music class, have her passy, get kisses from her doggies, and sleep in her big girl crib!! I don't want to jinx anything now, but Parker is sleeping through the night...Sometimes she sleeps until 9 a.m.! Below is a hodgepodge of Parker during her 2 months. 

Parker's Stats:
Weight 10.3 oz (25th%) 23 inches long (75th % maybe she will be tall!!!) Diapers: Size newborn/1
Eating: 6 oz every 3 hours (Wow!)
 These pictures aren't as fun for Parker as they are for you and me...

 She had a little sneeze, and here is Rascal to the rescue!

 Did I mention 2 month old Parker doesn't believe in naps???  She is sleeping through the night though, so I'll let it slide!
 She loves a good stretch when she's stuck in her stroller.

Bathtime is still one of her favorite things to do!   

 She loves stylin in her stroller.  The fan is a must for Parker in this Texas heat ;)
 Smiling big smiles!  This is when Mommy and Daddy were out of town...She seems so sad without us, doesn't she?!?
She can't wait to visit Beanie and Bevo's house!

Parker cruising in her wheels with the top down! Daddy's in trouble already!

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